Friday, January 22, 2021

Kerala lottery guessing - kerala lottery live

In this new blog telling about Kerala Lottery Guessing method. I am getting at least one prize each week. I am using an app which help me to predict lottery result. Prediction shown by this app is 75% correct. The name of the app is "Kerala Lottery Result | Search | Scan | Prediction" it is available in playstore. 

 Review the Kerala lottery Live Result and prediction App


In this app we can find many sections. The fourth section is the prediction section which help us to win lottery every week. The guessed number shown in this section are actually the result of several calculation and comparing result of past 1 month. It run on the basis of an algorithm.

Main Features of the APP

We can see the live result using our phone very easily and accurately. Result will be live at sharp 3:00 pm. The app provide the live result  of Kerala government lottery result win-win, sthree sakthi , akshaya, karunya plus,nirmal,karunya,pournami

Check the result of your Lottery 

Their are two main ways to check the result of your lottery. one is manual method by typing lottery number and date in the app. Secondly, we can scan the Bar Code provided in the right side of the ticket to check the result.We can also share the result with our friends through whatsapp.

Video Tutorial

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