Thursday, March 4, 2021

How to link Paytm to Bank Account Without KYC

.Hi friends welcome to Paisaandtech . Today we are discussing about how to link bank account with paytm app. As we all know paytm is the best app for online payment and transaction. But most us didn't  know how to use it properly. We can use paytm UPI without completing Kyc. But it is better to complete  Kyc to explore full feature of paytm app. We can pay electricity bill,  recharge mobile etc..

Step 1 : Create a paytm account
Step 2 : complete your profile
Step 3 :  click on Upi icon
Step 4 : search your bank name and click on your bank
Step 5 : you can see available bank accounts connected with mobile number
Step 6 : Set up Upi pin
Step 7 : click on setup UPI option
Enter last 6 digit of your atm card.  Type expiry date and cv
And click submit
Now an otp will arrive in your mobile
Type that otp in otp cloumn
Now Type a pin to use as UPI PIN.
And confirm it and click submit
For each transaction  you want to enter this pin
Now your bank account is successfully connected
Now click on UPI Transaction Option
Now type paytm number of your friend to transfer money or Receivers Bank account number and IFSC CODE OR THEIR UPI ID OR SCAN QR CODE
Then choose the amount you want to send
And choose the bank account from which you want to send money
Enter your UPI PIN
And click on submit
Now a green clour will appear with text transaction completed
You can use paytm app to send money to every bank
To use full feature of Paytm you should complete KYC.  You can do it by going near by KYC CENTRE
Paytm app link in description  or you can download from playstore

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