• Saturday, September 21, 2019

    Jio Slow Internet Speed Solution - Boost Your Jio Internet Speed

    Are you a Jio internet user ?
    Are you suffering from low internet speed ? 
    Are you want to boost your internet speed ?

    Earlier I also faced low internet speed in my mobile.We are paying for 4G plans but not getting the speed of 3G plan. My phone lags a lot to play youtube videos , movies , music etc.. Finally I find some solution for this problem .

    Solution one

    You should remove your phone's case if it is made up of metal or magnet because metal and magnet have a tendency to absorb signals So you will not get proper signal in your mobile.Magnetic cover also drain your phone's battery.

    Solution Two - Jio APN Setting 

    By customizing your apn settings you can enjoy a high speed internet. Every phone have the facility to customize or create new APN setting.

    Step 1: Firstly , Go to your mobile settings.
    Step 2 :  Then choose sim card and network settings
    Step 3 : Choose jio sim
    Step 4 : Click on access point
    Step 5 : Create new APN
    Step 6 : Complete all the field as mentioned below

    Name : Speed botv36. 6Beta
    Apn Name : JioNet
    Server :  www.google.com
    Username : Botv.3.6
    APN Protocol : IPv4 /IPv6
    APN roaming protocol : IPv4 /IPv6
    Bearer : ( remove the tick in unspecified )
                   Then choose the Following
                   HSPA, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, HSPAP, HSDPA
    then click save button and choose this APN setting as default

    Restart Your phone and On Internet
    Boom ! You can see high internet speed in your mobile

    Video tutorial

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