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How to make money online without paying anything 


Hello, Guys today we are discussing the best methods to earn money online without any investment. You can do these jobs at home if you have a good internet connection.

 Online Surveys

  You can make money by answering simple questions and sharing your experience. You will be rewarded with money for sharing your opinions. Your data will be safe and it will be used for market research. You can join in the following survey websites to make decent cash. 

1. ysense :   It is an online community with multiple earning options and you can payout your cash through different methods

2. Bigtoken : It is a survey application available for both android and ios. You will get Payment through PayPal. It is available in all countries.

3. Rakuten Insight : Online survey web platform which paid over 1 million dollars from its launch.

4 : Best high paying survey platform which pays 5$ to 250$ per survey. High paid surveys are done through video chat.

5 .Onepoll  :  One of the top market research company founded in 2002. Provides high paid surveys for the UK and USA

Cryptocurrency Mining
 You can use the crypto tab browser to mine cryptocurrency without any investment from home. You can use this on both mobile phones and computers.It  works perfectly in all low-end devices
  You can easily make money by uploading videos to youtube. You will get cash from google adsense and you will get money from brands for promoting their products through your channel. You need
4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers for monetizing your channel with Google Adsense.
I have already uploaded a few tips to rank your videos on youtube. Check that out on my website.


You can easily make money by posting articles. To make money by articles, first, you have to build a website with a high-quality domain. You can purchase a domain from Godaddy. You can
use WordPress or blogger for making a website. You can make money from this website using any affiliate programs or by using Google Adsense.

Affiliate Programs

You will get a commission for selling products. Click Bank is one of the highest paying websites for their affiliates. You can also try Gearbest, Bangood, Flipkart affiliate program to make a good income from home without any investment. You can use your social media websites to increase your sales.
 You can make money by doing microtask. You only need to spend 1 - 2 minutes to complete each task. You can do most of the tasks from your home itself. It is one of the best online jobs for students who want to make pocket money from home. You can join in the following website for doing microtasks

Captcha Typing 
 You can make money by completing or solving the captcha. For a thousand normal captcha, you will get 0.5$ and for 1000 recaptcha you will get 1$. You can complete captcha on both your laptop and mobile phone. Students can do this job for making pocket money. The following websites give high rates for captcha solving.
1. 2captcha
2. kolotibablo
3. megatypers


 You can make money by teaching students. You can start online classes, simply shoot a video and upload it in Udmey. You have the right to put a fixed price for your class. Starting a large series will help you to make a minimum of 1000$ by simply uploading videos. Make sure to upload relevant content to attract more people.

 Freelance Writer

You can make 1000$ per month by working as a freelancer. You will get paid for writing for other people. You want to write articles for websites, magazines, online books, etc.. You will be paid hourly for your work. You can register in freelancer,upwork, Fiverr for getting a large number of clients.

Service Reselling

You can easily make money by reselling services. For this, you have to buy services from Fiverr at a cheap price and sell it to other people online or offline. You can decide your profit. Make sure to satisfy your customers. You can resell services in freelancer,worknhire,truelancer, etc.

If you work brilliantly you will get large amount. Output depends on your inputs. I personally made large amount of money from the above-mentioned website. This websites are working in all countries including the USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, India, Africa, Koria, etc. You can feel free to contact me.
I will surely give a reply within 24 hours.



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