• Thursday, October 24, 2019

    Online Frauds - Amazon send Stone and Flipkart send Sand

    Online Frauds - Amazon sends Stone and   Flipkart send Sand

    We all are now purchasing everything from online shops. We are also getting great discounts from the online shopping website. We all are now using Amazon, Flipkart for buying products online. while hearing the term amazon and Flipkart fraud. We think about amazon sending stone and Flipkart sending sand but in the 99.9%  cases delivery partners are exchanging the products. Now hackers are using high tech techniques to steal our money.  Most of us didn't install amazon or Flipkart app for shopping. we simply search the term amazon and Flipkart in google and chrome. Most of the time we are clicking the sites which came in the search list but fake websites with similar site addresses and home page will come up in the search list and we buy products from that fake sites and at last, we will lose our money. Moreover, we are giving our credit or debit card details, this fake website will debit money from our account and save our card details for fraud deals.

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    Don't click or share fake offer links. Fake websites are spreading fastly on facebook and WhatsApp.
    Please check the site address or Url before buying products from the site. Please install amazon or flipkart app from the store and use it for online shopping. If you paid money in such fake sites please give a complaint in the nearby police station and tell the bank authorities to block the card to stop future loss of money from your account.

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