Vodafone Double Data Offer To Beat Jio

In recent times Jio shocked all of us. Jio stopped their free service and started to charge fees for calling to another telecom operator. Jio's sudden action created a shock among people. Some people taught that it was Jio's master plan to increase their profit. This action created a great scope for other telecom operators. Every telecom operators are now in a race to defeat Jio. They are providing many new amazing offers.

Now Vodafone introduced a new plan named  "Double Data Offer". This plan comes with two recharges first, 199 recharge and the Second 399 recharge. If you recharge for 199 you will normally get  1.5 Gb data with the unlimited call but this new plan doubled it to 3Gb per day. Before the arrival of this offer, we got a total of 42 Gb data for one month and now we will get 84 Gb data. That means double the offer.

For 399 plan earlier we got 1 Gb per day with unlimited calls. Now we will get 2 Gb per day with unlimited call. Earlier we got 84 Gb data but now we will get 168 Gb data. The above-mentioned plans are prepaid plans. Vodafone didn't mention the expiry date of this offer. This offer is also valid for the people of Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Mumbai, etc..  Jio is very confused due to the arrival of Vodafones new offer. Earlier Jio thought that other operators will also increase charges but unfortunately their assumptions become wrong. Jio is trying many strategies to break the double data offer.

Surveys show that many people started to port from Jio to other operators. BSNL is also coming with a powerful 4G network service.



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