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Are you looking for the best antivirus program for PC?

I will provide you the top free best antivirus programs in this article. An antivirus program is essential for every system.

What is an Antivirus program?

The Antivirus software program is a program used to detect and block viruses and other Malware activities happen on your computer device. By using an Antivirus program you can protect your files and every data that are saved on your computer for the device as well. Antivirus is an essential software that should be installed on your PC. By using the best antivirus program you can prevent phishing attacks, trojans, spyware, adware programs that can be removed easily.

By using an antivirus program on your computer you can scan files to find out any virus or malicious programs running on background and helps to prevent the virus from a flash drive or CD drive. It helps to remove viruses easily by notifying the administrator and clean the program. This program also gets good updates every day.

Here is the list of top free antivirus programs available on the internet you can use these apps to get free production your PC and enjoy safely.


Bitdefender antivirus free edition provides the best features that provide on premium antivirus programs. It provides the best performance without any lag and removes any virus program that currently in the background or coming from the usage of the internet. The installation of Bitdefender antivirus is a very quick and very user-friendly interface. Bitdefender also delivers new updates faster the database updates. The free version you can enjoy little bit pictures only if you buy the full version you will get the best and full protection available Hindi market.

2. Avast Free antivirus

Avast free antivirus provides great features than any other free antivirus available in the market. Which also provide good Malware blocking and prevent phishing attacks. Antivirus provides a minimal user interface and good Wi-Fi protection and other security features. This software also has features like software updater that make your PC software up to date. Avast antivirus also provides web extension to detect Malware websites and block the internet connection to that particular website. This extension shows verified tick mark by Avast so you can browse that website without any issues.

Avast Free Antivirus also provides a free 60 day trial of premium features by providing your debit card details. After that, you can cancel the premium feature at any time before the 60-day trial.

3. Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky free antivirus is the best Malware blocking software which provides good Database update every time and provides you good protection for your PC. With this free Kaspersky security cloud software, you will get a free scan full system option and mobile protection. This also provides a secure connection for securing your internet connection by hiding your IP address and other details from the internet medium. If you upgrade the package you will get options like PC cleaner privacy protection and save money etc. Kaspersky free antivirus performs very well in your PC without any performance lag or issues and provide greater protection full stop in this free version you will get web anti-virus protection and web watching and mail anti-virus etc.

If you purchase the premium version you will get a private browsing feature and application control and good firework protection application manager etc.

4. Avira free antivirus

Avira free antivirus is a popular antivirus program that has the perfect protection against Malware and any type of phishing attack. This software also protects you from phishing attempts and attacks. Avira free antivirus also provides browser safety extension 2 steps away from harmful websites. This program also provide free VPN Service which has served more than 20 countries. Aware also provides a good software updater program to update PC software regularly.

5. AVG free antivirus

AVG free antivirus is the best antivirus program available on the internet. AVG antivirus program gives you good protection to your personal computer and its data from all types of Malware and adware attacks from the internet. The user interface of this program is very easy to understand and the users can set up the program easily on their computer. This also provides you AVG web tuneup plugin on your internet browsers to protect you from any kind of attack from websites. The user interface is very easy to manage and control settings.

6.Adaware antivirus

Adaware antivirus free antivirus program which apps do remove malicious programs and prevent the attack from the internet. This anti-virus program gives you the best protection against are there any other malicious attacks from websites. This Adware Antivirus has come from a company named Lavasoft. This is a Free Antivirus available on the internet. The user interface is very easy to manage. You can download this from their official website. This software is the very low size and provides good protection to your PC.

7. SmadAV antivirus

This antivirus is a very powerful antivirus that has only 2 MB of data size. This software is made by an individual developer all types of virus-infected files can be detected and removed easily. This software detects all types of virus programs when you insert a CD or pen drive to your PC. Also, provide good protection for USB flash drive and good cleaning tools to clean unwanted files from your PC. If you buy a pro version you will get a lot of features. Free antivirus also provides good features to protect you from malicious attacks.

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