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How To Access the desktop Version of facebook in our mobile

  How To Access the desktop Version of facebook in our mobile

Do you want Access desktop version of facebook on your mobile?                        

                               Then you are in the right place. Today we are discussing the best method to access the desktop version of facebook using our mobile. Facebook is one of the most popular messenger application. The desktop version of Facebook has many features like applications, games and we can easily manage our facebook account and facebook page using the desktop version of facebook. To access the desktop version of facebook you need to open facebook in a web browser. I recommend Google Chrome for this purpose. When we open facebook homepage in the browser it usually redirects to our installed mobile application. 

Follow the below steps to open the desktop version of facebook in mobile

Step 1: Open Google Chrome
Step 2: Click on the three dots found in the right upper corner of the chrome browser 

Step 3: Click on the desktop site option

Step 4: type "" in the URL field and open the page.
(Open the link only after choosing desktop mode otherwise you will redirect to the installed facebook app.)

Step 5: Now facebook opens in desktop mode

Step 6: Now you can enjoy all the features of the facebook desktop version on your mobile.

You can also View facebook mobile version in your computer and searching the URL "" in any of your browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc..

Hope that my blog helped you to resolve the problem. For more help follow my blog. If you have any doubt please comment below



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