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9+ Best Android Video Editor App for Free Available on Play Store

best video editor for android

Video recording on android phone is long, low quality, and not much better than cameras. But with the trend of social video plateform apps like TikTok, Snapchat, etc. everyone want creative and creates cool videos. Those who take work seriously can look for a professional video editor app to create jaw-dropping videos.

Video editing requires professional software such as PC, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Editing Knowledge. However, interesting videos are short and sweet that you can make from your smartphone. You have to keep it simple - some quality cuts, transitions, effects and background music and you got yourself a viral clip.

1. Viva Video


VivaVideo is a free and powerful video editor for Android that brings tons of amazing features. The app comes with speed control, which allows you to speed up or slow down video clips without losing video quality.There is also a community where you can share your videos and be inspired by videos made by other members of the community. Finally, you can share your videos directly from various social media and video publishing sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube.



The VLLO video editing app is easy to use, it's meant to edit blogs, but give it a try, I can tell you it works with many types of videos. When you first import video and audio files to create a project, VLLO will ask for the aspect ratio you want, which is great because I wanted to edit the video to 18: 9 aspect ratio. Once you've added your file, you'll find tons of tools here.


 You can split, crop, zoom video, change speed, add filters and much more. You can also add background music from VLLO's free library or add an track you already own, add sound effects like laughter or hilarity or ding, or voice in the app.

3. You Cut


You Cut is a free and simple to use video editor that packs a big punch. You can easily add text, filters, emoji, music, etc. You Cut also makes cutting and trimming clips very easy, which is always a plus in my books.

 One of You Cut USPs is its newest video speed adjustment feature that allows you to speed up or slow down video without losing quality. You Cut is one of the best video editors on Android as far as free video editors are concerned and you should definitely give it a try.

4. VideoShow 


VideoShow android app is a powerful video editor app for your Android smartphone that offers unique features. For beginners, this app allows users to easily zoom and rotate video. There are also over more than 50 themes that allow you to turn your raw videos into a featured video. 

VideoShow brings you a content store where you can find themes, effects, music, text styles and more and apply them to your videos. This app supports square video export, making it one of the best apps for creating videos for Instagram. If none of the above apps are right for you, you should give the video show a chance.

5. InShot


Next on this list is InShot, which is not the most powerful video editing app for Android, but it is one of the simplest apps out there. With this video editor app, it allows you to record music, sound effects and voice over in the app. Not only that, the app allows you to add text with different styles and fonts, animated stickers and emojis, memes and custom images.

All of these are great, but there are also some custom tools that I like in InShot. For export options you can use various effects and transitions between multitrack timelines, video, commercially free soundtracks, sound effects, 4K and more. 

Overall, InShot is a feature-rich tool (including a video converter and photo editor) that is very easy to use, and although there are ads everywhere in its free version, I would like you to see at least some ads to use all for free. 

6. Timber


Timbre is an easy and simple video editing app that offers little features. This is not a full fledged video app, it is an app that allows you to do certain tasks easily and quickly. Key features of the app include video and audio cutters, converters, joiners, splitters and more. The app also allows you to extract audio from your video files if you want to use spoken media for free. 

7. FilmoraGo Video Editor


Wondershare Filmora is a popular desktop video editing program and the company offers FilmoraGo for mobile devices. FilmoraGo is very easy to use and offers considerable control. Although it does not support multi-track editing like Kinemaster, it does work in landscape mode, which makes the whole editing process much easier. 

The unique feature of this app is that it not only allows you to use the media stored in your phone's local memory, but also allows you to import media from your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Like I said, the app provides good control. You can trim and trim videos, add effects and music, and apply transitions. When it comes to music, FilmoraGo offers a healthy selection of copyright free music, however, you can use your own music if you wish. 

8. Quik


What if the above two apps are really good and powerful video editors‌, unless you are looking for a complete video editor that is simple and easy to use and makes your videos look beautiful? Well, in that case, take a quick look through GoPro, the best video editing app you can quickly find in the store.

 Quik, you can create amazing videos with just a few taps. Choose your favorite videos and photos and let the rest do it quickly. With Quik built-in presets, you create a video that can be shared with just a few taps.

9. PowerDirector video editor app


Another powerful video editing app for Android is the PowerDirector video editor, which brings a powerful multi-track timeline online editor with free video effects, slow motion control, voice over support, action com editing and more. I especially love the changes made here because they are so smooth and look beautiful when applied properly.

One of PowerDirector's USP features its Chroma key, which allows you to modify the background of your video by applying a green screen effect. PowerDirector's slow-motion video editor is also very powerful, allowing you to create a perfect slow-motion effect even on videos recorded at normal speeds. 

Overall, this app is very capable and should easily meet all your mobile editing needs. The app is also compatible with Chromebooks, so you can edit videos on your Pixel Book or Pixel Slate without any hassle.

10. KineMaster- Pro Video Editor


KineMaster is one of the amazing video editor app, with fully featured. When it comes to video editing tools, the app includes trims, cuts, precise audio controls, color LUT filters, 3D transitions and more.

When I use video playback, I love how comfortable KineMaster is when editing videos. The app is free for personal, non-commercial use, but there is a watermark for videos exported from the free version. You can get your membership to remove the watermark and access the downloadable premium-assets for your videos.

5 Real Money Earning Games In India

Everyone needs Money Right?

Today we are going to discuss some real cash-earning games available in android for Indians.
Playing games is the most interesting thing, earning money by playing games is more interesting than that.

I always say " Make money from your passion"
If you're a professional player it is the right time for you.

I am going to share the games in which I have got the payment.
Most of them will give a payout through paytm, google pay, bank.

1. Dream 11

Dream 11 is one of India's biggest online gaming platforms. Were you can play games and earn a lot of money. You can predict and earn money. I have earned around 3000 rupees from this game. Quite simple but at the same time powerful. Dream 11 ask you pancard for getting a payout.

2. MPL 

   MPL is a gaming application that stuffed with more than 100 games and challenges. You will get bonus cash in your first signup. You can payout the money through paytm, bank account, google pay.

3.WinZo Gold

Winzo gold is a gaming app that has 50+ games on it. You can challenge people all over India and earn cash. You have to invest some amount of money to play games, you will get a signup bonus which you can use to play your first game freely. From per game, you can earn up to 100 rupees. You can also earn money by inviting people. yesterday I earned 2300 rupees from this app. The proof is given below.

4. Fun Earn

Fun Earn work in the same concept of winzo Gold. You will get payment through paytm.

 Minijoy is an android that has more than 10 ways to make money online. It has daily scratch cards, rummy, poker, quiz, many tournaments, and many more games. You can refer and earn up to 3000 rupees from this app. It has the minimum withdrawal of 30 rupees and for our first payout, it has a minimum withdrawal of 1 rupee paytm cash.


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Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet To Bank Account
How ToTransfer Money From Paytm Wallet To Bank Account
In this post, I'm going to show you how to transfer money from Paytm wallet to bank account.

You will see how I transferred my money from Paytm wallet to bank account.

Paytm is one of the best apps for online money transactions. You can easily transfer money from one account to another, you can also use Paytm for online and offline shopping. You can connect your Paytm with a bank account and transfer money from one account to another without any charges. For this, you didn't want to complete KYC. Connecting bank with Paytm account tutorial is here

 Is there any charge for transferring money from Paytm to a bank account?

Transferring money from the Paytm wallet to the Bank account will charge 5% of the total amount.
 You need to complete full KYC in order to transfer money from the Paytm wallet to a bank account.
You can transfer a minimum amount of  ₹100 and a maximum of  ₹25,000.

Steps to Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet to Bank Account

Step1: Open Paytm App

Step2: Click on Passbook

Step3: Click on Paytm wallet

Step4: Click on send money from Wallet to Bank

Step5: Enter the amount ( Minimum ₹100 )

Step6: Enter Bank Account Number, IFSC code, Account Holder's Name

Step7: Re-enter bank account number

Step8: Click on Proceed

Step9: Enter OTP Send to your Paytm linked phone number.

Step10: Transaction Complete

Step 11: You will receive your amount in 2-3 hours.

Enjoy, Check our latest article to transfer money from the Paytm app to the bank account without any charge.


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How to use android apps on windows

  Hi, Friends, everyone wants to play android games in pc but android games directly don't work in pc. Android games are free and they have realistic graphics. The main thing is that people want to play games and use apps on a big screen with a lot more controls. I have used the below-mentioned method to use android apps and games in windows.

How can I run Android apps on Windows?

You can download and use android or google play apps in your windows by using any android emulator or by installing a custom operating system which will support android games and apps

What is android emulators?

Android emulators and windows application which allows you to play android games in your pc. It creates a virtual phone interface inside your windows. You can download google play store apps and games directly from the emulators and start to play them inside the emulator.

Guys, I am going to share some famous emulators which allow you to use android apps in pc.

1. Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the safest and fastest android emulators. It is legal to use bluestacks in your pc. It supports most of the famous games and apps like Pubg,Temple run, Angry Birds. You can also use WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media apps in this emulator.

     Minimum Requirements 
  •  Window 7
  • AMD or Intel Processor
  • 2 GB Ram 
  • 5 Gb hard disk space.
Steps to install Bluestacks :

Step 1: Go to bluestacks official website and download the latest version of bluestack from theirs.
Step 2: Open and run the installer
Step 3: Stay connected to the internet, it will take around five minutes to download the resource.
Step 4: Open Bluesstacks and download the necessary apps from the inbuilt google play store in the bluestacks.
Step 5: Enjoy!

2. NOX Player

Nox Player is more optimized and powerful than bluestacks. You can do multiple tasks at a time. The interface was almost the same as bluestacks.Multi-tasking the best specialty of this emulator. You install android apk in this emulator using Pendrive or download apps directly from the play store.

Minimum Requirements 
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2.2 GHz processor of AMD or Intel
  •  WINDOW 7
3. Tencent Gaming Buddy

Tencent gaming buddy is built for playing PUBG Mobile in windows. It also allows us to play and use other android games and apps available in the play store and other app stores. It is completely optimized for playing android games in pc

Minimum Requirements
  • Windows 7
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Direct X 9.0
 Genymotion is one of the most used android emulators. It is the favorite android emulator of app developers. More than 30 million people downloaded this app. Genymotion is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. You can run multiple apps at a time.

Minimum Requirements
  • Windows 
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 64 BIT
  •  Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Basic Video Card
If you have a low-end pc you will face lag while using this emulator. If you face any kind of problem you can use Custom OS which will help you to run the android app without any lag. 
With the windows, you can install a custom OS. Your files will be safe, no need to worry if you follow the correct steps.

Caution; Do not shut down or restart your pc during OS installation. It will damage the whole your data

1.Bliss OS

 It is one of the best-operating systems to run android games in pc. This OS supports more than 2000 games. Multi-tasking is also available in this OS. It has a pre-installed Google play store from which you can download many apps and games.

Minimum Requirement

  • 2 GB RAM ( recommended)
  • 250 GB Storage ( For smooth running)
2.Phoenix os

It is the best OS for playing PUBG in low-end PC. It is free to use and modify. You can easily download it from its official website. Install this in a pc that has a minimum 4Gb ram to run PUBG smoothly.
Friends, don't hesitate to ask any doubts. We can see in our next blog.

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How To Access the desktop Version of facebook in our mobile

  How To Access the desktop Version of facebook in our mobile

Do you want Access desktop version of facebook on your mobile?                        

                               Then you are in the right place. Today we are discussing the best method to access the desktop version of facebook using our mobile. Facebook is one of the most popular messenger application. The desktop version of Facebook has many features like applications, games and we can easily manage our facebook account and facebook page using the desktop version of facebook. To access the desktop version of facebook you need to open facebook in a web browser. I recommend Google Chrome for this purpose. When we open facebook homepage in the browser it usually redirects to our installed mobile application. 

Follow the below steps to open the desktop version of facebook in mobile

Step 1: Open Google Chrome
Step 2: Click on the three dots found in the right upper corner of the chrome browser 

Step 3: Click on the desktop site option

Step 4: type "" in the URL field and open the page.
(Open the link only after choosing desktop mode otherwise you will redirect to the installed facebook app.)

Step 5: Now facebook opens in desktop mode

Step 6: Now you can enjoy all the features of the facebook desktop version on your mobile.

You can also View facebook mobile version in your computer and searching the URL "" in any of your browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc..

Hope that my blog helped you to resolve the problem. For more help follow my blog. If you have any doubt please comment below




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Are you looking for the best antivirus program for PC?

I will provide you the top free best antivirus programs in this article. An antivirus program is essential for every system.

What is an Antivirus program?

The Antivirus software program is a program used to detect and block viruses and other Malware activities happen on your computer device. By using an Antivirus program you can protect your files and every data that are saved on your computer for the device as well. Antivirus is an essential software that should be installed on your PC. By using the best antivirus program you can prevent phishing attacks, trojans, spyware, adware programs that can be removed easily.

By using an antivirus program on your computer you can scan files to find out any virus or malicious programs running on background and helps to prevent the virus from a flash drive or CD drive. It helps to remove viruses easily by notifying the administrator and clean the program. This program also gets good updates every day.

Here is the list of top free antivirus programs available on the internet you can use these apps to get free production your PC and enjoy safely.


Bitdefender antivirus free edition provides the best features that provide on premium antivirus programs. It provides the best performance without any lag and removes any virus program that currently in the background or coming from the usage of the internet. The installation of Bitdefender antivirus is a very quick and very user-friendly interface. Bitdefender also delivers new updates faster the database updates. The free version you can enjoy little bit pictures only if you buy the full version you will get the best and full protection available Hindi market.

2. Avast Free antivirus

Avast free antivirus provides great features than any other free antivirus available in the market. Which also provide good Malware blocking and prevent phishing attacks. Antivirus provides a minimal user interface and good Wi-Fi protection and other security features. This software also has features like software updater that make your PC software up to date. Avast antivirus also provides web extension to detect Malware websites and block the internet connection to that particular website. This extension shows verified tick mark by Avast so you can browse that website without any issues.

Avast Free Antivirus also provides a free 60 day trial of premium features by providing your debit card details. After that, you can cancel the premium feature at any time before the 60-day trial.

3. Kaspersky antivirus

Kaspersky free antivirus is the best Malware blocking software which provides good Database update every time and provides you good protection for your PC. With this free Kaspersky security cloud software, you will get a free scan full system option and mobile protection. This also provides a secure connection for securing your internet connection by hiding your IP address and other details from the internet medium. If you upgrade the package you will get options like PC cleaner privacy protection and save money etc. Kaspersky free antivirus performs very well in your PC without any performance lag or issues and provide greater protection full stop in this free version you will get web anti-virus protection and web watching and mail anti-virus etc.

If you purchase the premium version you will get a private browsing feature and application control and good firework protection application manager etc.

4. Avira free antivirus

Avira free antivirus is a popular antivirus program that has the perfect protection against Malware and any type of phishing attack. This software also protects you from phishing attempts and attacks. Avira free antivirus also provides browser safety extension 2 steps away from harmful websites. This program also provide free VPN Service which has served more than 20 countries. Aware also provides a good software updater program to update PC software regularly.

5. AVG free antivirus

AVG free antivirus is the best antivirus program available on the internet. AVG antivirus program gives you good protection to your personal computer and its data from all types of Malware and adware attacks from the internet. The user interface of this program is very easy to understand and the users can set up the program easily on their computer. This also provides you AVG web tuneup plugin on your internet browsers to protect you from any kind of attack from websites. The user interface is very easy to manage and control settings.

6.Adaware antivirus

Adaware antivirus free antivirus program which apps do remove malicious programs and prevent the attack from the internet. This anti-virus program gives you the best protection against are there any other malicious attacks from websites. This Adware Antivirus has come from a company named Lavasoft. This is a Free Antivirus available on the internet. The user interface is very easy to manage. You can download this from their official website. This software is the very low size and provides good protection to your PC.

7. SmadAV antivirus

This antivirus is a very powerful antivirus that has only 2 MB of data size. This software is made by an individual developer all types of virus-infected files can be detected and removed easily. This software detects all types of virus programs when you insert a CD or pen drive to your PC. Also, provide good protection for USB flash drive and good cleaning tools to clean unwanted files from your PC. If you buy a pro version you will get a lot of features. Free antivirus also provides good features to protect you from malicious attacks.

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How to get Instant Personal Loan Using Mobile

How to get Instant Personal Loan Using Mobile

Hi, friends, everyone wants money to buy something like phones, gadgets or for some urgent needs but most of them are not too rich to have that much money in their bank. Today I am discussing the best way to get some money as a loan from a mobile application. Going to the bank and applying for a loan is a huge and boring process and it is time-consuming too. Actually, you can apply and get loan from your phone itself. You will get a loan up to 5lakhs using this application.

                                                          You are going to get the loan from an app named Yelo which is available in the play store. Yelo has so many companies that provide loans from five thousand to 5 lakh. For a small amount, you have to only provide your aadhaar card details. You will instantly get loans using aadhaar cards without any salary certificate. But for huge loans, you want to provide your pan card details, Address proof, salary certificate, and copy of the last three months' bank statement.

You should be an Indian citizen with a working phone number and you should be aged more than 18 years. Partners of yelo application are SmartCoin loan, KreditBee loan,Money View loan,MoneyTap loan,CASHe loan,LoanFront Instant personal loan,EarlySalary loan, Pocket loan,mPokket For Students loan,Upwards Instant personal loan,Avail Instant Personal Loan.

You can create an account in Yelo app using your phone number, Whatsapp account, google account, and facebook.  Complete loan process takes place through your mobile phone. You don't have to send any hard copies. Monthly interest for each loan is specified under their more information columns. Repayment options also become available in the app itself. You can directly repay money using your debit card. You will get the loan amount directly in your bank account. Check your bank account number thoroughly before submitting the request. You can also check your CIBIL score  in the app itself. I personally got a loan of five thousand from this app. 

App Size: 8.8MB
Requires Android: 4.1 and up

Friends we can see in the next blog till then bye.

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Hello, friends are you looking for the best camera mobiles available to buy. Here is an article for you. Every good mobile available in the market is provided below with high-quality cameras. You can even select the best camera devices that most people like. This article is made by best reviews and rankings of best smartphones available on the internet and market.

Are you looking for the best camera mobiles?

2019 is going to end and fantastic and most powerful camera mobile devices are released this year which have good battery backup and having multi-camera setup on new mobiles having greater innovation. Most of them are budget-oriented and customers can select best camera devices that have the ability to snap powerful images.

Here is the list is given below

1.iPhone 11 pro

iPhone 11 Pro is the best flagship device released in 2019 which has a powerful display and very good camera setup. iPhone 11 Pro has a lovely look and excellent brighter display. This mobile also has a powerful tube charger available in the inbox. This mobile has the top best camera which can shoot high-quality videos and photos without any regret. iPhone 11 Pro has three different types of cameras that have Ultra wide telephoto and have a 12-megapixel camera. If you are looking for the best camera device you can go for it.

  • Good quality and design
  • Amazing quality photos and videos
  • Very powerful processor
  • Better battery backup

2.Google Pixel 4 & XL

Google pixel mobiles are powerful in the field of the camera. There is only one camera available but the quality of the device is much better than any other device in beat with the iPhone. The output coming from Pixel mobiles are very powerful and excellent which has a good contrast look and distinct from other mobile devices available in the market. The latest model available now in the market is pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Its photos 4 excellent and provide good detail and contrast and the design is very good. If you love to become a mobile photographer and videographer you can buy this device. You will never regret the performance and the camera of the device.
  • High-quality camera
  • Good build quality
  • Video recording gives great output
  • Average battery life

3.Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro is a very good and best camera phone available in the market right now. This device has the best cameras and is very good for night camera shooting. With this device, you can take fantastic photos and available multiple cameras and features. This device also comes with an in-display fingerprint and you can also use this device to charge other devices from this mobile device. There is only one problem with this mobile is its software. If they fix this device software this will be the best 1. The battery life of this camera is very powerful and it even lasts for more hours than any other device available in this price range. This device is also known for the best zoom feature. You can use Wide Angle lenses to get greater performance with this camera.
  • Amazing battery life
  • Good camera and lenses
  • Can shoot amazing photos and videos
  • Fast display fingerprint

4.Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus is the best flagship device released recently in the market. Galaxy Note 10 plus it is a great choice if you are interested in buying a device with good battery life and powerful cameras. The display of this device is very clear and provides good brightness. This device has good size and also provides S Pen for the Note phone. The S Pen is very powerful and the great toe to use with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +. These cameras are very powerful and provide more quality images and videos. If you want the best flagship devices available in the market till now and greater cameras and powerful processors you can go for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus.
  • S Pen is very good
  • Very powerful processor
  • Great quality camera
  • Best build quality and size

5. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

Oppo Reno 10x zoom is the most innovative device released in the market recently. This device comes with an amazing triple camera setup and excellent battery life and study performance in the case of CPU and GPU performance. This mobile device has greater display quality and good white screen availability. The phone having a triple camera comes with a 48 megapixel main Camera sensor hand 13-megapixel telephoto lens and Ultra Wide Angle comes with 8 megapixels. This device's main feature is its zooming capability which can zoom up to five x optical zoom and digital zoom up to 60 x. If you want good zooming features and better camera performance and battery life you can go for Oppo Reno 10x zoom device.
  • High-quality triple camera setup
  • Cutting e d g e display
  • Powerful CPU performance
  • Efficient battery life

6.Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi MI 9 is the best camera smartphone that provides the best value according to its price in the market. The main features of this camera are excellent and powerful triple camera setup and Ultra Wide Angle support which can also be used for recording 4K at the 60fps frame rate. Xiaomi MI 9 provides the best money value and camera with 48 megapixels and high-end performance in case of CPU and GPU tasks. The main feature of this mobile is its 48 MP camera which helps to reduce noise and helps in stabilization of video recording. The backward of this mobile device is it's in my UI Android is MI UI. If you use custom ROMs you can feel the best fluid and stock Android experience.
  • Best battery backup
  • High-quality triple camera
  • Can record 4K videos 60 FPS
  • 2 x optical zoom available

7. Oneplus 7t Pro

Oneplus 7t Pro is the best flagship device released recently in the market. Most of the users use this 1 +7t Android device to feel the high performance fast and stunning performance of 90 Hz display and oxygen OS experience. The main features of one plus 7t pro is provides the best camera and very user-friendly interface like pure Android. This device comes with a 48 MB primary camera and wide-angle comes with 16 megapixels and also provides an 8MP telephoto camera. You can get this device from Amazon Flipkart at This decent price.
  • Fluid performance
  • Amazing 90 Hz HDR display
  • Oxygen OS
  • Amazing battery life

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Hello Friends,

Are You Looking For streaming websites online? This article is for you!

Please read this article full to know all the details about the best streaming websites on the internet available Till Now. I will provide you the best Free and cheapest streaming platforms that support Android devices iOS uses and Windows uses. I will provide you the best and topic websites that should not take care to sign up and providing debit card details here are the top websites.


It is the best streaming platform which you can watch best and latest movies released on internet sign-in is not required on this website and you will get access to all new movies which are released and updated very faster in this website.vumoo is very user-friendly to use and easy to search.

With this website, you can also watch TV series web series available on the internet. This is a very fast and efficient website which does not show any type of ads and it is very easy to browse and watch films. There is no doubt you can find every movie here.

  • No sign in required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Latest movies
  • Great quality content

2.Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is powered by Amazon which provides best and high-quality movie streams and web series indecent prices. Amazon Prime requires you to sign up and to provide your debit card details to get 80 Days of its trial version and if you like to use this app as a daily driver you can purchase this and you can cancel the trial at any time. This is very user-friendly and very fast 2 you browse and use. With Amazon Prime, you can also read books and listen to songs with this subscription. By using Amazon Prime you can enjoy high-quality movies and shows which are available internet diesel price. If you try to use Amazon Prime you will get addicted to these features and never use other streaming websites you will get a lot of movies and web series extra here.

  • 30 day free trials
  • Wide range of products
  • Provide good quality content
  • Easy to use
3.Yes Movies

Yesmovies is an amazing website that provides lots and lots of movies and TV shows in HD resolution and the best quality. This website does not require to sign up you can easily search and watch new updated movies and TV shows which also provides good rating and you can search movies by country list and IMDb rating of that particular movie Yes movies also provide good information about every TV shows and movies you can find cast directors and actors who worked for that movie and IMDb rating of people. This website is good for people who love Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well. This website is free to use and does not require any payment for monthly plans.

  • Easy to search
  • Good quality
  • User ratings
  • Free to watch

4.Movie Watcher

Moviewatcher is also an amazing website to stream online movies which also provides a lot of movies and TV series according to its year of release and you can also watch movies which place recently in theatres here. You can watch movies like at Astra Joker Terminator dark fate Zombieland frozen 2 is available to watch here. Blu Ray version of new movies is also available for watching high-quality videos you need to sign up. This website is very easy to use and easy to browse among all categories and movies according to their genre.

  • No Registration required
  • Very fast streaming


Putlockers is another website that offers new films that are very user-friendly and simple. This website has a large collection of new movies and TV shows. The user can search by selecting categories that they like more. This site has more collections of Hollywood and Chinese movies. People who love Chinese movies more or you have more interest in Chinese type movies. You can select this as your default website. Here you can find popular movies and offer a lot of features. The content of all movies are HD quality and it also helps to download the file to your hard drive for the mobile device. This website also has many genres like comedy mystery romance and thriller etc.

6.Go Stream

Go stream is the best website that also provides the best and high-quality movies and streams online. You can use this website without creating an account and browse all types of movies which released recently e without any internet lag issues. This website also provides you to select the quality of the movie in HD for SD quality according to their internet connection. This feature allows users to save hand watch movies without buffering if there is a low-speed internet connection. Does this website help to stream without feeling any problem and it is very easy to use and provides a better interface!

7.Stream Likers

Streamliners is another best website to watch full movies online. On this website, you can find popular movies and trending movies according to customer demand. The website uses to get new updated movies according to the request. Here you can find most viewed and most searching movies and series and TV shows available on Netflix and other streaming platforms which are paid are available free here. You will get a big search box on the homepage then you can search for any movies you like for any E series for TV shows.


Snap film is the best website to find out newly released movies according to people’s interests and search on the internet. Here you can create an account and sign in with your details to find out good content movies related to your interest in your fingertips. This website provides faster performance and improves speed on any kind of internet connection you use. The website can detect your website speed and automatically changes from HD to SD quality. This website also provides a good collection of movies and releases new movies very fast here. You can also stream TV shows and also watch without signing up for creating an account.
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Friday, March 26, 2021



Hello, friends are you looking for the best online photo editors?

Here is an article for you!! Please read this Article Full to know all about these editing online tools.

There are many free online photo editor websites and apps available. We will show you the best photo editing apps available online. You can use this website without any application of the software. You can run all these editing apps from your web browsers with the help of the internet. You can upload photos directly to this website and give special effects for free. We will provide you most top websites that provide photo editing online.


Pixlr is an amazing editing application available on the internet to give the best result for your photos. This is a very good online photo editor which have the best effects and customization features. You will experience faster performance in photo editing. You will get better quality editing tools and a good easy understandable interface. You can open an image from your PC or mobile or you can directly upload from any URL by copy-paste method.

  • Fast image processing
  • Professional editing tools
  • Good for photo retouching
  • Layers support

2. Fotor

this is the best free online photo editing website which allows users to edit any type of photos and create a design for or any purpose for free. this website has features like good photo retouching tools to edit portrait images very quickly. photo effects are more provided on this website you will get a large collection of photo filters and auto-correct features to give your images good quality and outstanding. you will never feel any on this website and faster image processing is available here. many users online use this website to create and edit photos without using any type of software.

  • good for portrait photo editing
  • variety of photo effects
  • faster image processing
  • professional tools availability

BeFunky is an amazing online photo editor that is available for free. you can use this on any device which does not require any installation files and software. by using this website you will feel more comfortable and get mini-features for pure Photo works. the main feature of this editing website is having cartomizer and oil paint effects. These effects are more outstanding and popular. you can also add a unique type of graphics and photo frames. it is very easy to use beginners can use this website it very easily without having any photo editing skills. this website is very unique and very fast to use.

this website has more than a total of 500 million users worldwide and more than 10 billion photos are edited with this website.
  • best for beginners
  • variety of cartoon effects
  • free to use
  • popular online editor

iPicci is a good image editing application that helps to create great graphic designs and creating collages. please website how many powerful and good UI for beginners and professional users. the main feature of this website is collage making and numerous types of templates are available for creating college. this also provides graphic design creations in an easy method. you can add custom text and stickers and overlays for your custom graphic design. in case of photo editing which provides good professional image editing tools and Powerful effects.
  • good for creation of collaege
  • good choice for designers
  • Good editing tools

canvas is an amazing online photo editing service available for free to everyone. you will get a professional touch in your images. by using canvas you can create amazing YouTube thumbnails covers posters etc for free. you can create an account or login it's your existing ID for saving your work. you can also log in with your Google or Facebook if you use the pro version you will get lots and lots of features and availability of Amazing editable templates . a lot of templates are free to use. but some of them are premium if you have the premium feature you will get all of them.
  • high-quality templates
  • good for designers
  • Faster and good UI
6. Photopea

Photopea is an amazing advanced image editing software available on the internet for free. This free online editor about all types of PSD files as used in Photoshop and XCF files etc. you will get the same interface as Adobe Photoshop. this is a very fast image processing website. you will feel like using photoshop on a web browser for free. you can cut images and use Layers and Filters available on adobe photoshop software. if you want to get featured on Photoshop you should try this website if you have no Photoshop installed. this is a professional image editing tool for advanced users. is website also support files from CorelDRAW Gimp image editor etc.

  • Photoshop-like interface
  • The large variety of editing tools
  • for advanced users
  • vector image processing
7. Free online image editor

free online image editor website used for editing images online absolutely for free. by using this website you can edit and crop animated gif images also. in this a set, you will get many frames. this website is good for beginners. this website provides only minimal editing options and features. what it is good for adding text and adding frames etc.

  • good for beginners
  • small editing tools
  • requires low internet
  • UI is bit older
  • good speed

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